Friday, March 24, 2006

Well guys, this is no where near Priyan's classic. This is an averagely made rekame in the guise of a sequel. Sorry to be rude, but Kavya looks like an amateur Sumo wrestler in the movie and she does not suit the role that Revathi played with so much panache years ago in Kilukkam. This movie brings in most of the characters that appeared in the original. The movie starts with the killing of Vijayaraghavan, Kavya's dad and the mayor of Kochi. She witnesses it and loses her mental balance. Then we have Jayasurya and Harisri Ashokan and Kunjakoboban and Salim Kumar. They land up in Ooty try to kidnap Kavya, then there is a small child and more confusion. The climax is a bit cliched and rude as Innocent, Hanifa, Jagadhi and Salim Kumar appear as women and try to kidnap Kavya. Mohanlal is reduced to a cameo, but has an amazing screen-presence and bashes the baddies in Vijaykant style flying in the air and kicking them to death. Rating-Logicless timepass 2.5 out of 5.

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