Who am I?

Piscean by birth - blogger by choice, passionate about literature, movies, dogs, food, cricket, travelling, photography, poetry, Ilayaraja, The Beatles, list can go on to fill a 1000 words :)!

I hope to make a movie one day!

Publish a book!

Get to know, love and marry a person with whom I will share the rest of my life :)- as of now no luck :( but am still trying :)

Have lived in various parts of India and can speak five languages including Hindi and English of course.

The few friends that I have call me broody - the fewer folks who really know me - know what all I have done, what I was and what I am - almost sounds like a don reformed :)

I have a way with words and can help you with your literature assignments, copy-writing, proofing and correcting your writing, or just write a poem for your beloved:)

Get in touch with me at rmaheshiyer@hotmail.com.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mahesh :) It is so awesome to be able to comment in your blog atlast. For some reason, blogger didn't allow me to post through my openID. Anyway, you have an awesome blog !

Will keep coming regularly !

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