Friday, April 15, 2016

On Rejection

It hurts deeply,
Your words,
Have stung me,
To an extent,
That I shall never,
Ever be able to look at anyone,
Straight in the eyes again.

A gentle 'No' could have sufficed,
I would never have bothered you again.
You launched a powerful barrage of words,
And all I did was listen,
No amount of apologies from me,
Will ever suffice, but was it a crime,
To have asked?

Have I ever hurt you?
You called me a stalker and a creep,
Went on and on,
I bear everything with silence.
Because your anger is deep-rooted.
Perhaps someday once the anger subsides,
You will choose to forgive me.

As always, good luck to you!
And I promise,
Never ever will I,
Speak or write to you again,
I have received enough,
Pain to last a long, long time!
Thank you!

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