Monday, May 29, 2006

A Wake-up call for Team India
Well all said and done we lost the one-day series in the West Indies 4-1. It is a shame all matches were close finishes and we should have won the second match. I believe that the defeat in the second match upset the apple-cart for the Indians. The B.C.C.I. continues to baffle me and others with its really strange team selection. The best bowler for India in the one-day series Ajit Agarkar has been dropped. Robin Uthappa is a budding player and giving him just one chance to play defies logic. I am not sure how V.R. V. Singh is going to bowl. The Test series will start in a few days and we shall find out if we can defeat the Caribs in the longer version of the game. Sehwag was unlucky to miss a century twice in succession. If only he had carried on the series would have ended in India's favour. Hope he maintains his form and scores a double century in West Indies.

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