Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Small Town Cricket Talk

Sunday the 23 rd of July 2007 was a landmark date for the cricketers of Anjaneyapuram in Kakallur. The occassion was the inauguration of the Anjaneya cricket tournament. My group of friends went through lot of problems to organise this tournament, but all of us were very happy when the tournament was inaugurated by a doctor who lives in our locality. A total of 12 teams each team having 8 players is taking part in this competition including our team-The Maruti Cricket Club.

The tournament is spread across 4 Sundays, with 4 matches played everyday. The results at the end of the opening day are as follows: -
Match 1 - Annai Teresa Club defeated Bad Boys Team by 30 runs.
Match 2 - Jai Sports Club defeated Nice Guys team by 2 wickets.
Match 3 - Maruti Cricket Club defeated Victory Club by 37 runs.
Match 4 - Sultans Team defeated Venky's Super 8 by 1 wicket.

Next Sunday the 30 th of July will be an important because the teams who lost on the 23 rd face the risk of elimination if they lose again.

Keep waiting till August 1 for more cricketing news.

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