Monday, August 28, 2006

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Vetayaadu Vilayaadu-Hunt and Play-Movie Review
"Another episode in a police officer's life"
Post Kakha Kakha, Gautam returns witha bang and presents VV. The movie was embroiled in one controversy after another since its inception. A suicide attempt, debts, ego-conflicts, bouncing of cheques; all this can be a plot for another movie.

The movie has been shot slickly and Ravi Verman's camera work is top-notch. I do not want to reveal too many details about the movie, but that is the movie reviewer's problem to balance the details while reviewing a movie. Kamal is Raghavan a cop, who investigates the murder of his colleague's daughter.(The girl is very beautiful, never seen her before, and has potential to be the next cute little thing). Raghavan investigates and the perpetrators of the crime cannot be discovered. Arokyaraj (played by Prakashraj) and his wife are haunted by the memories of their dead daughter and decide to settle in America. Six months later the couple are found brutally killed.
Raghavan is intrigued and he leaves foe New York to hunt the killers. On the flight to NY, scenes of Raghavan's past flash- his first wife(Kamalinee Mukherjee; another beauty bitten by the cinema bug), their romance and her death caused by the underworld.
In NY, Raghavan is helped by Anderson, investigations reveal four corpses in a forest like area, Raghavan beats the American police and details emerge. In between investigations Raghavan saves Aradhana(Jo) from commiting suicide and they find solace in each other.
Anderson pulls one for Uncle Sam and discovers a link, a finger tied to a lemon and chillies, similar to the one found in Prakashraj's daughter's murder.
Who are the killers? Are the American killings and the killing in Tamil Nadu linked? Do Kamal and Aradhana get married? Are the killers caught?
Watch the movie for the answers.
The movie has excellent music by Harris Jayraj and "Paartha Mudhal Naalae" is the best of the lot. "Karka Karka" Kamal's entry song is tastefully done. The big minus is the amount of bloodshed and the graphic violence shown on screen.
All said and done, the movie is definitely worth watching.
Mahesh's Rate-o-Meter- 3.5/5.

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