Friday, October 06, 2006


Chepauk's cup of woes

Two aliens were visiting Earth to research the local customs.They split up so that they could learn more in the time allowed. When they met to share their knowledge, the first alien told of a religious ceremony it had seen. "I went to a large green field shaped like a meteorite crater. Around the edges, several thousand worshippers gathered. Then two priests walk to the centre of the field to a rectangular area and hammer six spears into the ground, three at each end. Then eleven more priests walk out, clad in white robes. Then two high priests wielding clubs walk to the centre and one of the other priests starts throwing a red orb at the ones with the clubs." "Gee," replied the other alien, "what happens next?"

"Then it begins to rain."

This is the best way to describe international cricket matches held at Chennai's M.A.Chidambaram Stadium at Chepauk. A number of matches starting from an India -NZ one-dayer to a test match that India should have comfortably won against the Australians have been washed out. Even the final of the Challenger Trophy was washed and nature denied Sehwag a well deserved century.

At this rate I think the authorities should put up a retractable roof over the stadium to stop rain from stopping a match. Australia has one stadium with this feature. Let us hope the next ODI in Chepauk is not washed out.

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