Friday, January 11, 2008

Chennai Book Fair

I visited the Chennai Book Fair on Saturday and again on Tuesday, I was not impressed, strange but true, the selection of English books is the same that you can spot in Higginbothams/Landmark. It is a goldmine for Tamil booklovers with lots of publishing houses offering various books on a variety of topics, including translations of Russian classics by Tolstoy and Chekov.

The entry fee is rupees five which is reasonable. The shops have been arranged in stalls and the entire area is carpeted and roofed, with tubelights and fans. Lots of stalls are devoted to multimedia stuff(educational CDs and DVDs). A 10% discount has been offered on all purchases.

Lots of schoolkids are there, I think the government has offered free tickets to school students. Translated works of Jayakanthan are available, unfortunately they are steeply priced.

I shall visit the fair again this weekend, might spot some good books.

Shall keep you posted.

Take care folks.

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