Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Back to the night shift, time actually seems to move faster than usual. I am still waiting for a reply; perhaps in vain, for a reply that shall never come. Life has to go on as usual..........

I need to go on a journey, somewhere in the hills or perhaps to some quaint little village by the sea. A sleeping bag, a backpack, a notebook, a pen, and my camera.

Everyone is grumbling at the office, the rising rupee has made a severe dent on everyone's appraisal and lots of resignations might pour in.

Exams for the IAS are in May, preparation is going on at a snail's pace.

Bought some books on Saturday, that takes the toll of unread novels in my possession to thirty four.

Rain saved India in the first ODI against the Aussies. They face Sri Lanka in a few hours from now. If the weather holds we have a cracker of a match on the cards.

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Aswin Kini said...

Hi buddy,
Have been reading your posts quiet for some time now. Could not comment as i just used to look and had lot of tasks to complete.
I realize how difficult it is to work in a night shift and yet prepare for exams da. Although i have never prepared myself for professional courses, i can emphathize with you since i know how difficult it is. Afterall only an ex-aspirant can really understand the feelings of another.

As for your company's appraisal, the uprising of the rupee value has severely affected all major IT companies, i guess yours is not an exception. Go for another good job buddy, you don't deserve a night shift. Frankly speaking, you never deserved such a harsh job, i always wondered why you left this creative and illustrous field to take up copy writing. It is a mystery to me that a very creative person like you took up such a dry field. No offense meant!!!

But i still think that you should have been in some creative fields such as writing content for K-12, or something much better.
You deserve a better life buddy, and a much better job than copy editing! Sorry if my words are harsh!!!
I might be harsh, but am always pertinent, hope you understand what i mean!

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