Monday, September 21, 2009

Missing Kolkata

Lines Composed on the City where I was Born

I do not know why!

But I am missing Kolkata a lot.

The Navaratri season has started.

It is time for Pujo in Kolkata.

The pandals with the various forms the goddess.

The crowds, the jhal-muri and puchka.

The stalls with the shooting games.

I just don’t know why!
Why I had to leave the city where I was born!

Chennai has given me a lot!
Moulded me in to a man,

From the gawky adolescent that I was!

Given me praise, friends, fame and a job!

Somehow the winds of change,

May destine me to return to the city,

Where I was born!

May be a bride from the land of sweets!

Who knows?

An offer to work!

In a land of bandhs and strikes!

A chance to travel by the trams and the Metro!
A chance to visit the maidan in the evenings!

Wish that some things,

Fall in to place soon!

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