Friday, January 15, 2010

Three Idiots

Aside all the tamasha that was created by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raju Hirani, Aamir & Co. and Chetan Bhagat where the unsuspecting public were made idiots the movie is good.

There is fun, melodrama, comedy, a message about chalking one's destiny.

My biggest grouse with the director and the producer is why did they opt for such senior actors. They could have experimented as Shankar did with the cast of "Boys".

The actors have done a decent job and the guy who plays the character of Chatur is simply superb.

A whole extended scene mixing "chamatkaar" with "balatkaar" was a gem.

The scenes about ragging were not necessary, but then everyone knows the bitter truth about ragging and we know much serious stuff happens within the confines of the hostel walls.

Boman Irani as the director of Imperial College is reduced to buffoonery but the scene where he speaks to Aamir after the birth of his grandson and hands the pen to the most excellent student shows Boman's class as an actor.

Kareena looks ravishing and has a small but significant role as Pia the medical student.

Sharmaan Joshi does a better job than Aamir and Madhavan. It is a pity that Sharmaan is reduced to comic roles and multi-starrers. When is the chap going to get a solo-hero movie?

Javed Jaffery as the real Ranchore Das and his father's ashes in the "lotta" is another laughathon.

Songs are good, the cinematography awesome. The movie is preachy and goes over-the-top in some areas.

All said and done the movie deserves a watch on the big screen.

The controversy with Chetan could have been avoided. Let us see if they make Two States into a movie.

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