Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Fairs in Chennai

Folks two minor book fairs or exhibitions are happening in Chennai.

One is at the Guild of Service in Egmore, Chennai. All new books on display.

The other one is at Chetpet in the premises of the Women's Hostel located near Palimar Hotel and parallel to Sparky's Diner. For exact directions...

Walk past the Palimar Hotel, cross the fuel-station and you will notice banners announcing the "Book Sale".

A mix of new and used books. There are fabulous discounts n the used ones.

It is a treasure trove for comic-book lovers as lots of old comics are available. In addition picture books for children, coffee table books on cuisine, architecture, music, well pretty much every topic are on display.

New books get a 10% discount.

I picked up some real comic-book gems. I got a 1987 Dennis the Menace Annual comic for Rs. 50. 5 lucky Luke comics and 4 Iznogoud comics for Rs. 99 each. The big surprise was the complete illustrated Panchatantra by noted Indian cartoonist Bujjai for Rs. 99. Believe me it is a real treasure and a book that every child should read.

I got two novels based on the 24 TV Series, a Pink Panther novel based on the Steve Martin movie and some old Tinkle digests.

Folks do not miss this, you never know what treasure you might find for a real good bargain. This "book-sale" at Chennai is been on for quite some time and will continue for a few more months as per the organisers. Open from 10 AM to 9 PM on all days.

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