Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mynaa - Movie review

Directed by Prabhu Solomon, Mynaa starts interestingly with the preparations being made in a huge joint family for celebrating Diwali. We are shown various women speaking with another woman regarding the saree they plan to wear. We realize that the youngest daughter of the family would arrive to celebrate her "Thala Diwali".

From here the scene shifts to the woman's husband a police inspector who leaves for duty assuring his newly-wed wife that he would come in the afternoon.

Then we are introduced to an unkempt bearded youth - Suruli in a jail-cell who reminsces about his childhood - a gambler for a father, a loud-mouthed aunt and the love of his life Mynaa(played by Amala Paul). A girl whom he rescues and falls in love in childhood itself.

A visitor a 12-13 year old boy visits Suruli and gives him a message. Suruli escapes from jail. The senior inspector and his subordinates are put into a tizzy and leave in pursuit of Suruli.

The rest of the movie is about Suruli's love for Mynaa, his arrest by the policemen and the journey of all four back to the police station.

Excellent photography, good performances, a Braveheart-inspired music score and a couple of good songs ensure a fairly enjoyable movie.

The movie is let down by its climax. I am not revealing it.

Watch the movie to find out if Suruli succeeds in marrying Mynaa.

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Karen Xavier said...

Yeah, I saw this movie a few days back, well... saw bits and pieces of it while my husband was watching it and I really liked it. Liked the journey part, initially I thought it would be a sick movie cause the guy Surli was acting like a deranged person, but then as the movie progresses you realise he's got a heart of gold. Climax was your typical romeo and juliet...

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