Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars for 2010

An interesting choice of movies this year. "The Social Network," "The King's Speech," and "True Grit" lead the race. Can "The Fighter" and "The Winter's Bone" make a surprise win. "Black Swan" is a bit gloomy but Natalie Portman end up all smiles with a Best Actress trophy. Or will "The Kids are all Right" throw a big surprise?

David Fincher is my bet for Best Director. Though Christopher Nolan deserved a nomination for Inception.

Christian Bale is not likely to win an Oscar for his crack-devouring Boxing Trainer role in "The Fighter". Geoffrey Rush as the language and speech therapist deserves the Best Supporting Actor award. Colin Firth is also likely to win the Best Actor award for "The King's Speech".

India's connection A.R. Rahman is highly unlikely to win an award for his song for 127 hours. Let us wait and watch.

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Karen Xavier said...

So it was okay, I mean it was known that Colin and Natalie would pick up the best actors award. Am glad Christian Bale got one too, I haven't seen the fighter.. but I bet he was better than geoffrey rush. I hate that they did not nominate Nolan for the best director, that sucked! And inception or social network should have won best movie...
Anyway, the academy is starting to lose its standing by nominating sick and disturbing movies like 'The Kids are All right' and 'Black Swan', saw these two and was thoroughly disgusted.

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