Thursday, July 14, 2011

Terror Strikes Again

Yet another series of bomb blasts,some more innocent lives lost, yet another round of blame games between police, security agencies, state and central governments. Television channels going mad with the same sickening visuals of death, destruction, blood and media-persons shouting themselves hoarse about Islam, RSS, terrorists, Pakistan... Is there no end to this? When we all know very clearly who the damn villain in the piece is? Pakistan!

Cannot the Indian government take a firm stand and hang the sole terrorist Kasab who was captured during the horrifying attacks in Mumbai orchestrated by Pakistan. Is the government so ashamed and impotent that it continues to treat terrorists with food, shelter and clothing in a high-security prison on tax-payers money.

When are we going to take a stand about anything at all?

As innocent lives are lost, a section of the country only worries about aging superstars, pregnant movie divas and why Dhoni did not chase down the last innings target with 15 overs to spare.

We cannot nuke-out our neighbouring country, but can't we attempt an operation similar to the U.S. Operation Geronimo to destroy terror-camps in Pakistan?

Too far-fetched, we don't even bother to hang Pakistani terrorists in India, who is going to hunt out radicals in the Hindukush mountains!

God save this country and my prayers to the people who were injured and lost their lives in yesterday's bomb explosions in Mumbai!


Karen Xavier said...

I know, the way India handles things is so absurd. No one seems to take a stand or make an impact, everybody wants to come to power for the wrong reasons... not one person has enough sense to put his power to good use. Above that journalism in this country sucks big time... so irreverent and monotonous. And yes, folks worrying about rajini or dhoni need their heads examined... how callous! These damned terrorists, what do they gain having innocent blood on their hands... demented creeps. My prayers and thoughts to the victims of mindless violence around the globe.

mahesh said...

Things will never change that is the sad state of affairs of our land!

Unless the "chalta hai" attitude changes there is never going to be progress.

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