Tuesday, March 27, 2012

King and Commissioner

Sunday morning 9:30 special show at Ampa Skywalk Mall in Chennai - practically housefull - movie starts like a Jerry Bruckerheimer movie with special agents, signals, encryption, hacking, intercepting signals, terrorism training camps and other stuff.

The movie brings Suresh Gopi and Mammooty on screen together their mission to save the life of the Indian Prime Minister played by Mohan Agashe.

You have the usual Pak-bashing, the corrupt police-officers, the king-maker Godman played by Saikumar with great aplomb. The NSA head who aspires to be the PM - a whole bunch of characters.

There is no element of suspense as we know who the good guys and the bad guys are. As a trail of corpses lines up - the IAS and the IPS officer unravel the mystery :)

The movie had great promise and deliver say till the last 15 mins. A predictable fight in an abandoned warehouse. Never realize why the Pak major decides to enter into an arm-to-arm combat with our heroes when he could have just taken out his gun and shot them.

No songs so the pace of the movie never falters.

This could definitely have been much better if the suspense element had been retained.

The movie and the villains deserved a better climax :)

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