Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Tale of the Poet

Behind every poem,
Lies a poet,
Behind every poet,
There is a love story.

Some poets find joy,
And write in happiness,
Sharing their joys -
Of courtship and togetherness to the world.

There are many nameless faces,
That have thousands of tales,
Of rejection and failure,
Of broken promises and lost love.

Of going to the brink of despair,
Seeking solace in the bottle,
Or in music or in the arts.
Or just re-discovering oneself in a brand new city.

There is a story behind every poet and poem.
Every lover has a weird story to tell.
Sometimes silence means acceptance.
Many a time silence means rejection.

No wound in my heart,
But still it pains,
I left your city,
Trying to forget you.

I feel that you broke,
A piece of my heart -
And kept it with yourself.
If only you would say - Yes!


Viyoma said...

Beautiful...the pain flows,just like the Words.

mahesh said...

Thanks for stopping by Viyoma :)

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