Friday, October 12, 2012

I have been Tagged

Yipee :) I have been tagged by Karpagam, fondly known as Kappu. I met her first at the mid-year lunch meet organised by the Chennai Bloggers Club. Since then have spent many an hour reading her blog. Short stories, musings on life, reviews of books and movies, recipes - a truly entertaining blogger. Keep writing Karpagam!!!!

Your most beautiful post:
This is a tough one - I shall mention a short-story that is very close to my heart.

Your most popular post:

Your most helpful post:
Perhaps every movie review that I have written which lets people decide if they want to spend money at the theatre :)

Your most controversial post:
Surprisingly nothing! I am the epitome of the 'Unknown Citizen.'

A post whose success surprised you:

A post that didn't receive the attention it deserved:
A true writer does not expect that every piece that he / she writes will win accolades, one writes for the sake of writing! So I leave this question blank - as it is the Lord who decides what just desserts one will receive!

A post which you are most proud of:
Two posts again a short story and a poem:

Now I tag the following bloggers:

Kavitha Karen Xavier Fernandez:
An ex-colleague and friend who introduced me to the motley bunch of fun-loving bloggers that make up the Chennai Bloggers Club. Immensely talented singer, pastry chef, camera-buff and book-lover.

Dr. Ganesh Puttu:
Living life king-size - extra large :) immensely witty and intelligent he is a doctor with degrees that run from A to Z and he writes short stories, is working on an e-novel, and is the humour-man of the group.

Gitanjali Naidu:
Landmark Quiz team-mate alongwith Dr. ganesh :) Immensely talented, fiercely independent, animal-lover, Blue Cross volunteer, trekker, the list goes on and on.
She blogs on her travel experiences and about life in general.

Sowmya Swaminathan:
The kid of the CBC :) a student, Facebook addict and Harry Potter PhD holder :) she writes short stories, poems and her writings have been published in newspapers as well.

Murtaza Ali:
Self-confessed cineaste; his movie reviews can give established movie critics a run for their money. I am hoping I can collaborate with him and come up with a book / website on the Masters of Cinema.

Friends now you have been tagged; follow the format listed below to publish your tag-post!

Rules of the TAG
A) Write an introductory of the person who has tagged you! In this case me :)
B) Give us links of your

Your most beautiful post.
Your most popular post.
Your most helpful post.
Your most controversial post.
A post whose success surprised you.
A post that didn't receive the attention it deserved.
A post which you are most proud of.

C) You select five bloggers for passing on the tag and inform them about their being tagged.


Murtaza Ali said...

Well, I can't wait for that day, bro... it would be a real honor and dream come true for me.

Btw, thanks for the getting me "tagged". I will get started with my part soon :-)

Sowmya Swaminathan said...

Will post it in my blog soon :) BTW, your description of myself and my blog is just PERFECT! Thanks ;)

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