Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom - Movie Review

Can a movie be described as delicious?

Well I found ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ by Wes Anderson to be simply delicious. It is a quaint little tale with a stellar star cast - Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances Mc Dormand, Bill Murray and a bunch of lovable kids.

Set in the 1960s - The story is based in a scout camp managed by Edward Norton and starts with the disappearance of a scout Sam. In the town where the camp is set a girl Suzy goes missing as well. Bruce Willis is the town cop who starts a kid-hunt for both the missing kids.

Sam and Suzy are twelve year old kids who have fallen in love and have run away. Sam is orphaned after the death of his parents while Suzy is living in a dysfunctional family of a lawyer couple - Murray and Frances. Frances has an on and off affair with Bruce, which does not help matters either.

The story is how Sam and Suzy are found, separated and then reunited again!

I am not going to reveal anything further except that this is a must-watch movie for everyone. Intelligent scripting, lovely music, top-notch cinematography and sound-recording and flawless performances from even the most minor actor.

Do not miss this movie it’s one of those rare movies that puts a smile on your face and shows the perspective of love from an adolescent’s point of view.


Susan Deborah said...

Mahesh, these days every word has found triple and more contexts where it could be used. Gone are the days when specific words were for specific contexts - Otherwise the word 'invite' which is a verb is used as a noun in 'wedding invite.' But I am an old schooler who still preserves specific words for specific contexts but sometimes I skip that.

The cast is quite stellar indeed. I have seen many movies of Edward Norton and I'm quite fascinated by the diverse roles he has played in different films.

Thanks for the review.

Joy always,

mahesh said...

Many thanks Susan :)

Hope to meet you at the CBC Meet on Sunday!


Karen Xavier said...

Sounds like a good movie... will search for it. Been wanting to watch Looper and Argo too, heard they are really good.

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