Monday, April 15, 2013

The Scent of a Book

There is something about a book,
A scent of a book,
Is similar to the scent of a woman!

Every book has its own tale to tell,
A misty fragrance that makes it special.
Every woman uses a perfume that is unique.

Many a man has tried in vain,
To woo a woman and found only pain.
Sometimes I wish it would just rain.

So I could stay back home.
With a book in hand all alone.
And find comfort in a book and a cup of coffee!

As the aroma of coffee, mixes with the misty-
Fragrance of an old book and the gentle smell of wet earth arises.
I wonder - If only, she would have said 'yes'!

I would not be all alone.
On this rainy day sitting here with this book.
We could have been together and read this book in one go!

Instead all that I have -
Are some memories of a time well-spent with you.
And I keep wondering - If only you would have said 'Yes'?

Life goes on;
I don't chase women;
All I do is hunt books!

Striking a deal with some wily book-seller!
Searching for gems in some unknown street-corner!
Hoping to find a gem!

That will offer me comfort -
From the pain of your separation!
The scent of every book is unique!


Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

Good one :)

After reading this was staring at my monitor for a good 12 minutes. As, I couldn't find better words to compliment your awesome thoughts. (true story) :D

Govind said...

Books, the eternal panacea
from the thoughts that run like diarrhoea
or for the delirium as if caused by malaria
when love plays its trick, this is the best idea
to pick a book and say mama-mia.

Great poetry Mahesh

Lakshmi said...

Loved the comparison, loved the flow, loved everything!
A bookworm like me finds books safer places to rest.
Loved your poem!

Ganesh Puttu said...

stop chasing books and start hunting women...

karpagam said...

liked the poem,books hmm are the best company one could turn in to at any time... you have expressed it well.

karpagam said...
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Sumita Pai said...

So perfectly put. I did an ode to books on the 'B' post of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Why didn't you take this up? Would've been interesting to read your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Scent of every book, :)

Thanks for sharing.

mahesh said...

Thank you everyone :)

Karen Xavier said...

:) two loves, books turn out to be more faithful. But people turn out to provide us with the experience... that makes life eventful. Nice poem...

Susan Deborah said...

This is such an excellent piece of work and so very true. Sometimes, I do like a man and his book so . . .

Joy always,

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