Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cricket is called "a gentleman's game", but it has had its fair share of controversies-match-fixing, sledging, racial discrimination, misappropriation of funds etc... . In the recently concluded first test match between India and the West Indies at Antigua, something really ugly happened.
Dhoni was going all hammer and tongs at the West Indies bowlers and smashing the red-cherry to all corners of the park. He hit six sixes and four fours in his total of 69. He hit a ball of Dave Mohammed which was caught on the boundary by Darren Ganga. It appeared that the fielder had touched the boundary rope when taking the catch. The decision was referred to the third umpire who could not give a concrete answer. The decision was made in favour of the batsman and it appeared that Dhoni would continue his blitzkrieg. Lara suddenly grabbed the ball from umpire rauf's hand almost walked off the field. Then he spoke to Dhoni and assured that his fielder had taken a clean catch. Things were heating up, when Mr.Cool Dravid declared the Indian innings and the issue ended.
Now we hear that the match refree has fined Sehwag for excessive appealing. My query is if you fine a player for excessive appealing, what do you do to a captain who behaves rudely with the umpires and the opposite team's players. It seems that the Indian players are once again being unjustly punished by the I.C.C. officials. This is not in the true spirit of the game and will spoil the image of free and fair cricket.

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