Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Twist in the Temple's Tale
The Sabarimala Temple authorities and the Travancore Devaswom Board members are in the eye of a storm, after the confession of Kannada actress Jayamala that she entered the sanctum-sanctorum and touched the feet of the deity.

Why the Fuss?

Lord Ayappa is a brahmachari. Women only above the age of 60 or girls who have not reached puberty are allowed to visit the temple. So this startling relevation means that "punyajanam" special purification ceremonies will have to be performed to restore the holiness and purity of the temple.

Prasnam-The namboodiri's prediction and discovery.

Unnikrishna Panicker, an astrologer announced that the sanctity of the inner sanctorum had been breached by a young woman.

This report was published in a newspaper, and Jayamala immediately confirmed the report by saying that she had visited the temple 20 years ago. She was pushed by the crowd and she unwittingly touched the feet of the deity.

What the officials say?

The officials refute the claim saying that it is impossible for a woman to enter the temple let alone the inner sanctum as the security is very strict.

What is going to happen?

A judicial probe is most likely to be ordered by the Kerala government and some people are going to be ashamed if the reports are confirmed and may have to do a lot of explaining to the administration and the devotees.

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hey I think if you talk about what can be done as far as this issue is concerned then it would be good rather than saying what had happened.

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