Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Singur Controversy-What went wrong?

"Mamata Bannerjee put on oxygen support," screams the news headline in a news website. Mamata has been on a hunger strike for the past 21 days in protest of the proposed Tata small car factory that is supposed to come up in Singur. The problem is that the government has sanctioned prime agricultural land for the factory. Already a sizeable number of farmers have accepted the generous compensation given by the Tatas for their land, almost 6 to seven times of the actual property value.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, the West Bengal CM says that he cannot ask the Tatas to back out as it was he who took the initiative for inviting the Tatas to set up a factory. The argument is why was prime agricultural land offered to the Tatas when barren or unfertile land could have served the purpose, and why do they require such a vast area for their small-car factory?

Let us wait and watch and see what happens...

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