Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well and truly beaten
India were well and truly beaten by the Proteas in the recently concluded one-day series. The only consolation was our victory in the 20:20 match. The test series starts on December 15. With just another eight days remaining and a practice match against teh rest of South Africa team, Team-India has to get back to its winning ways. Laxman and Ganguly are good on paper and their batting in the upcoming matches will decide their future for once and forever.

The positives that emerged for India was the form of Zaheer with the ball and Dinesh Karthick's impressive batting. Dhoni was the only player to score more than 100 runs for India in the one-day series.

Bowling wise, the team failed in the last match and squandered impressive starts in the other games.

Let us wait for the test matches to begin.

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