Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Signboard English

English as a global language, owes a lot to the East India Company, and other such settlers and explorers, for discovering new lands, and imposing their language on the people of those lands.
English has become the language of choice and profession, in most parts of the world. A sound knowledge of the language and good communication skills, have become a passport for a good job to many people in Asian countries, where the outsourcing business has mushroomed to unforseen proportions. Today if you can speak good English, are above eighteen years of age, and have atleast completed high school, you can get a job in a B.P.O., that will fetch you atleast Rs 6000/- a month as salary.

Now coming back to the main subject, about which this post is all about-Funny Signboards.
All of us would have seen some funny signboards, and had a really good laugh, I am sharing some signboards that I have seen, read and laughed like crazy.

1-Ramu Snakes Bar-Do the snakes have a court of law, are they lawyers, or is it a bar where snakes sip gin and brandy.

2-Flat Toilet-How can a toilet be totally flat, people will have a hard time using it.

3-Wet Paint, Don't Shit-As if someone would want to shit on paint.

4-Child Bear Available-It should have been chilled beer.

5-Hare cutting done here-Is he a barber or a butcher.

All these are actual signboards, I do not intend to hurt anybody's feelings, but these are the small things that make India such a great place to live in, even though we might have a hundred problems within the country, such things make us laugh and forget our tensions.

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Mughil David said...

It was a real gud one Mahesh!

Ya i too remember few such signboards, where English was cannibalised...and i have also had my share of fun!

Like... Do you speak Hindu?
Be Indian! Bye Indian!!
Mobile phone can be
electrified free!

Appy logging.... Sorry it is Happy Blogging !

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