Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Market Gandhi Statue Sunrise at Pondy

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We planned to cover the Sunday Market, in the morning, return to our room, get our bags and visit Auroville, by boarding the local bus. We had our breakfast in the restaurant at Sabthaghiri, and took a bus to the Sunday Market.

The Sunday Market

The Sunday Market, is a unique attraction, in Pondy, every Sunday traders, occupy an entire street, almost a kilometre in length, and peedlle their wares. Items on sale range from, books, toys, cosmetics, dvds, electronis items like cameras and watches to cosmetics and clothes.

The street is packed with people trying to make a good deal. Both of us bought a pair of jeans and bermudas, Harish bought a bottle of English perfume, a belt and a couple of vests. I got three T-shirts, can you guess the price? Each shirt cost me just ten rupees, I bought the shirts and checked them, there were no defects, in them, good for wearing the house, or while playing cricket.

The AuroBoutique
This is a quaint little shop next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan, that sells incense sticks, diaries, calendars, gift items and souvenirs. We bought some packs of fragrant incense sticks and proceeded to Juice Wagon to have lunch.
The Juice Wagon
It will be unfair of me to overlook this restaurant, where we had two unforgettable meals. This is a great restaurant that primarily caters Continental food. The prices are decent, ambience good and the food is excellent, we were surprised to find the place empty on both of our visits. We had tomato soup, sandwiches, pasta and milk shakes. Do have a meal here if you go to Pondy.
We had our lunch and took a bus which dropped us 8 km from Auroville, autos charge Rs 100 to take you to Auroville. We learned that the Globe of Universal Peace, was closed on Sunday. We cursed the guy manning the Auro Travel infomation centre, wondering why he did not inform us that on Sundays Auroville, would be closed.

Disappointed we returned to the bus terminus and reserved tickets for the 4:25 PM bus. The return journey was uneventful, and the bus was packed with people.

We reached Kasi Theatre at around 8:30 PM. Harish was in a sorry state, as he was nauseated and was ready to puke all over the place at any time. We enterd Saravana Bhavan, and Harish rushed to the restroom.

He returned after fifteen minutes, as a much relieved man. We had dinner and returned to our room, at 9:20 PM. A nice trip, which would have to be made again, as we could not visit Auroville.
Probably the last weekend of May, will find us again in Pondy.

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