Monday, November 05, 2007


The battle has begun, the first ODI between India and Pakistan, tamed out to a tame game as India restricted Pakistan to 239/7, and then notched up the target with three overs to spare. Special praise should be showered on Murali Kartik, Harbhajan Singh, and Sachin Tendulkar who bottled up the Pakistani's flow of runs.

Sachin took two precious wickets and the fielding was surprisingly OK, in fact as Ajay Jadeja put it in an interview "Finally a fielding side worser than India." SHoaib Akhtar trapped Sachin and reduced the scorecard to 14/1. Then Ganguly and Gambhir batted sensibly and the elegance of the Prince was visible in shades. When they got out Yuvi and Dhoni played sensibly and India reached the target comfortably with three overs to spare. Dhoni won the man-of-the-match award.

Let us see what happens at Mohali.

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