Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pakistan continues to burn.....

Janaab Pervez Musharraf, continues the legacy of despotic dictators, he declared a state of emergency in Pakistan. All private T.V. channels, the internet and telephone lines have been blocked. All protesting political parties, the lawyers, everyone has been arrested, prominent politician and cricketer Imran Khan escaped captivity in true filmi style and is currrently in hiding. The Constitution stands dismissed and martial law has been imposed.

The Bush administration is embarassed and Condoleeza Rice says Pervez must shed his uniform [that would be a ghastly sight.:)]. I prefer Salman Khan any day. A civil war may erupt any time and democracy is a long way away for Pakistan. Perhaps the U.S. marines or the Navy Seals will launch a blitzkrieg-like operation and pull General Mush out of Islamabad, put him on a plane and take him to the CIA headquarters at Langley. I guess I am reading lots of Robert Ludlum novels.

Lets see what happens.

Praying for sanity to be restored in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world.

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