Saturday, December 29, 2007

Evano Oruvan

Madhavan has convincingly remade Nishikant Kamath's Marathi film Dombivili Fast in Tamil as EVANO ORUVAN. The Tamil version is also directed by Nishikant. The movie stars Madhavan as a lower middle class bank employee a soft spoken man commuting from Nanganallur to the Beach station everyday to reach his bank. His wife is played by Sangita a mother of two who is constantly bickering Madhavan saying-"Indha pathu varshthla naan yenna sugatha kanden."-"In these ten years what comfort/luxury have I seen."

Director Seeman plays a police officer who is caught in his personal turmoil of doing the right thing and listening to his conscience. A series of incidents make Madhavan lose his cool and he takes the law in his own hands and becomes a vigilante of the truth and the rightful. If I go into the details of each episode it would be committing sacrilege, please go and watch this movie, it deserves credit.

Listen to the dialogues specially Madhavan's frustration that pours out towards the climax. His anguish at the system, his expressions, his helplessness when his wife questions him are all brilliantly portrayed. Sangita is OK in her role and Seeman has done a good job too.

My rating 3.5/5.

Go watch this movie.

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