Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Corporate Cultural Show

So folks a long break from blogging. Well lot of stuff-firstly a lot of work, secondly a corporate cultural show that has six teams with four teams in the branch that I work in. Folks in office are busy with work, the people who ain't got work are creating a proper tamasha with their campaigns.

India won the series in New Zealand. The last match ended in a draw because of rain. Well if Dhoni had declared at least an hour or two earlier we would have won the series 2-0.

The IPL-2 will start on April 18. So expect more articles on cricket.

On the personal front nothing seems to be happening. When I think that I have forgotten her, I get a phone call from her and suddenly I feel happy. But then again we know that things are over for the better. Life is indeed a cocktail and I guess my drink is a bit on the stronger side now.

Horoscopes as usual are flying thick and fast. But it seems that my horoscope is a muddled mess and lots of special parameters have to be matched to find the perfect match:)

I promised that I would write a detailed post on my trip to Kolkata and indeed I will write it.

So long folks!

You will get to read about six movie reviews soon. All old classics. So keep reading and have fun.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I heard about all the tamasha goin on there... write more about it later. Hope things turn out well on the personal front what with the phonecalls and the horoscopes creating a chaos in the confines of your head...

mahesh said...

Hi Kavi,

Yep, the festivities ended on Saturday. Great fun but the food served was average.
So far no progress with regard to horoscope-matching:)

So how are things at your place!

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