Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Name of My Father-3

The great man whom I greatly hate-my Father-has decided that come what may he will continue to drink himself to death. All medication suggested by doctors will not be taken. He feels that a great injustice has been meted out to him. Two sets of sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor are rotting in their strips untouched by him.

The fights continue at home. I am losing my sanity and returning home has become a dreaded prospect. I am seriously contemplating some drastic step and just do not know what to do! Perhaps I will be forced to admit my father to an alcohol de-addiction centre. That remains the only option now.

I wonder how he manages to sleep for just three hours every night go to work drink all he can and again get up early in the morning at 1 AM to disturb me and my mother's sleep. Will there ever be a possible solution. I don't know. I try to stop thinking about him but there is a constant fear at the back of my head that he has fallen down somewhere and is lying injured or in an alcohol-induced stupor.

God give me strength in times of darkness and suffering!

The sins committed by men continue to haunt their sons and daughters!

I am a living testimony to this fallacy.

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