Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Innings in Instructional Design

The past week has been hectic. I have joined a another firm in the e-learning domain. I have the designation of an Assistant Manager. The new place is a small outfit and they are in the process of setting up a full-fledged team. There is absolute chaos. We have a big and prestigious project that means a lot to the company. An induction is yet to take place. I was supposed to go to another city for a formal induction but it got canceled. It is a young and dynamic team. We were told that it was a 5-day week but the project and the deadline means it is a six-day week.

A colleague celebrated his birthday yesterday. There was cake and ice cream. In the evening it was time to go for a wedding reception. Met some old colleagues from SFY and EK.

Let us see how things go!

Wish me luck.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

good luck!!! Have a great time at the new place, it does sound nice... and I guess it will be a major learning experience for you, being a manager and all that.

mahesh said...

Thanks Kavi,
I will have to do my best and there is a huge backlog of work to be cleared. I will have to give it my best shot!

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