Thursday, August 06, 2009

State of My Mind

Life sometimes is cruel,
But when the cruelties,
Strike one after the other,
Without a break in between.
When prayers that come,
From a devout heart,
Get lost in the confines-
Of space and time,
What does one do?

When the folks-
Who always stood by you.
Stand helpless and weak.
How does one provide support and solace?
Is this the cruel joke!
That was in store for me!

I cried when I realised-
That I had lost her.
That I could no longer call her-"Dearest."
I was sad but then I quickly recovered!
And wished her the best.

But now-
I am lost for words.
Lost on every count!
And in spite of everything that I tried.
I ended up as a loser!
Not just in love.
But in life too.

As I continue this dreary monotonous existence and fall into new depths of depression with each passing day. I continue to hope that the light would shine out of the gloomy depths.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

After the storm comes the calm... hoping that things get better as the days progress.

mahesh said...

Thanks Kavi.

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