Sunday, December 20, 2009


There was a massive fight at home as Dad once again returned home after an alcoholic binge. Mom had suffered and endured for over forty years. She had held on to Dad in the hope that he would reform some day. Her brothers helped her in the marriage of her daughter. She heaved a sigh of relief as her daughter bid her adieu in all her bridal finery. Now all her hopes were laid on her son. The boy was strange and shy, average in studies and sports. All his teachers never held any high hopes for him. He would grow up in to one more of those thousands of average unknown citizens who laboured as clerks, office-staff and the like.

Returning to the day when Dad broke all his previous records of drinking. It was a Saturday evening. Dad had expected the son to be at work. So when he knocked the door and saw his Son opening the door; Dad’s drunken confidence shook a little. He entered the house with his head stooped low. He faltered and slipped and when Son tried to help him, the alcoholic fumes created a sick stench.

That was the limit! The beginning of the end! Mom snapped and lost all her controlled patience of forty years. She asked Dad to leave the house. To the Son’s surprise Dad gave a sarcastic smile and with renewed energy packed his bags and left. When Mom egged him to take away all his belongings; he replied – “I don’t need them. Throw them away, burn them, do whatever you want.” He bid goodbye with a satisfied smile on his lips and walked away. Mom did not know what to do. She wondered – “I should have divorced the scoundrel years ago.”

The Son sat silent for a long time. He had tried his best to rid his father off alcohol. But the Devil had impregnated Dad’s soul a notch too deep.

The Son examined the contents of Dad’s closet. There were various bills. Mostly from bars and hotels. There was a diary where expenses had been recorded. There were multiple entries against a mysterious X. Jewellery, clothes, and perfumes! So the plot grew thicker. There had been another woman. So the Sinner had another sin to his tally. Perhaps it was the best option for all.

The Son closed the diary and picked up the telephone directory. He found the phone numbers of a couple of lawyers. Perhaps it was finally time to get a Divorce for Mom from the Scoundrel!


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

My heart goes out to your mom, to even imagine something like that is torture... I hope the lawyer is a nice guy and that the proceedings go on without a hitch. Good riddance...
start of something good for all of you, I guess...

Aswin Kini said...

I feel sorry da! I can emphathize. Coz there have been similar situations although my position was far better than yours!!

Hope good things are in store for you and your mom.

Pray that god be with you

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