Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Willy-4

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie about a young girl Kirra, played by Bindi Irwin, helping a young orca return to its family in the ocean.

Bindi is the daughter of crocodile-hunter Steve Irwin. The movie starts in Australia, where Kirra's father a vet is injured and hospitalized.

She lands up at her grandfather's amusement park in South Africa till her father is discharged from hospital.

The banter between grandpa and Kirra is fun.

The amusement park has a lagoon in which an orca is washed up after a storm.

The orca becomes the star attraction in the park and loads of people start visiting it. Kirra tries to convince her grandpa to free the orca who is named Willy. During all this the owner of another amusement park offers to buy Willy for 500000 dollars.

Watch the movie to find out the fate of Willy!

A simple, well-made movie with two good songs. Great photography combined with animatronics and underwater effects. The scene where the pod of orcas swim after a school of smaller fish during a storm is shot well.

My rating-***/5.

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