Monday, June 07, 2010

Conversations on Matrimony

Sunday saw me at the betrothal ceremony of a cousin. The chap is just 22 and the bride is 20. As usual the conversation petered towards my marriage. "Ennada Meshu, Amma iniyum evalo naal thaniya kashta padanum?" "What Meshu, how many more days does your mother have to suffer alone?"

I wonder why they start the conversation with an emphasis on loneliness and suffering. None of these mamas and mamis are willing to marry off their daughters to me. So why do they keep asking the question at every damn opportunity they get.

They come, eat the feast, bless the poor chap and bride, give a small monetary gift and go home commenting -"Aanalum Srini kalyana sappadu alavukku illai" "The feast wasn't as delicious as the one served during Srini's marriage."

Now in this case the chap Venky has an elder brother who is 26 years old, his face was a picture of misery. His horoscope was a bit perplexing and the chap had not secured an IT job. He was working in an electronics store as an accountant. He told me "Anna Ab Mera Kya Hoga?"

I told him -"Dei Seshu, why to worry if we had studied Maths and Science properly we would have also become IT engineers and got marriage proposals from Infosys and Wipro "ponnus". Ellam vidhi!"

So life goes on as one more cousin gets entangled into "Grihastashram".

Horoscopes are shuttling and nothing is materializing. Everyone wants at least a Rs 50000 p.m. salary for their "sweet, god-fearing and good-natured girls". The mind wanders like a monkey, some cousins who are much younger than me are married and settled with kids in tow. Looks like this innings is going to go on for a long time without a partner.

What worries me, is my mother's persistence in wanting a working girl. I would prefer a girl who would take care of my mother.

So folks if you know any good-natured Iyer-girl let me know!

Best wishes to Venky and his bride and the bride-hunt continues for Seshu, Meshu and the many other non-IT-Iyer bachelors.



What a coincidence, babu! I did experience myself (of course until I got married) all those what you have written in the first seven paragraphs of this blog of yours except that I had virtually no contacts with such gossip mongers masquerading as relatives (especially on my mother's side) for more than a decade. As for the eighth paragraph, it was the other way around here.

I can quote some instances involving the daughters of my relatives whose marriage broke down in no time as the parents concerned were so arrogant, high flying, and hell bent on getting their daughters "American mappillais" or "Indian millionaires " and they did manage to have their wish granted by Him but that was it. They were brought down to earth by none other than the "American mappillais" or "Indian millionaires " - this is not to say all are like that.

As for the so-called IT and math, I burnt my fingers massively by getting involved with those two right from the time I joined college. Until then, I was not that bad in math but destiny or He had some other plans for me. Due to space constraint , I have to write a book on those tumultuous times or years, which I somehow survived (miraculously).

Finally, as for the last two paragraphs of your blog, do e-mail your horoscope to me ASAP. At the same time, shed or kick out whatever inhibition or inferiority complex that you may have at not being a so-called IT professional or not earning 40K, 50K, 60K or so. "Our time" will definitely come......One Day.

PS: I would reply to your blog on some recent flop movies. Watch out for my comments on Karuna's latest box office smasher!!! What a great CM he is - he has time only to watch item numbers, pen dialogues for cult classics (!!!) like Penn (A)Singham, etc

mahesh said...

Hi Guruji,

Will send my horoscope to you soon.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Hey, relatives always have the knack of getting on our nerves right, that's why my FB message says 'allergic to relatives'. And mahesh, its a cycle... it never ends. First they pester you to get married on time, then they keep asking you bout kids... I am now at that stage, I don't know what comes next. Anyway, the Lord giveth and taketh in His time... so I guess its just a matter of waiting and having fun along the way.

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