Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cup of Joy

In a few hours from now the FIFA World Cup 2010 will start. For a cricket-crazy nation, football holds its sway in pockets in Kerala, Goa, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

This year the core favourites remain the same - Brazil and Germany.

My dark-horse bets are on the Netherlands the team that deserves the Cup for its consistent fair-play and "total football".

The second bet is on Spain who have been the most consistent team during the qualifiers and in recent months.

Argentina under the highly psychotic and unpredictable Diego Maradona might throw a surprise or too.

England, Portugal, the U.S.A., Cameroon, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Greece and Ivory Coast are likely to enter the quarter-finals.

Let us wait as the magic unfolds.

May the best team win!

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