Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Your Eyes Only

How long have I known you?
A month or a year?
Does it even matter!

Yesterday, when I looked,
Looked into your eyes.
Your eyes only!

I discovered – A golden glow,
A glow in your hazel eyes.
As I spoke to you,
Only my lips moved.
But I was lost in the glow
The glow of your eyes.

Do I have the will,
The will to confess,
To confess and profess,
My feelings for you.
For you only!

I fear that my foolishness,
Might cause me to lose you,
Lose you - forever!
I fear that, I will never,
Ever be able to see you,
See you smile again,
And share your laughter.

Your joyous smile,
That lights up,
Lights up my heart.

Will I ever be able,
Able to stare deep,
Deep into your hazel eyes.
Take a deep breath,
Smile at you, and
Hold your hands, and say –
My lady, you mean the world to me!

Will that day ever come?
I don’t know,
Don’t know at all!

Every morning is an experience,
A refreshing experience,
As I walk past you.
Hoping that you would smile,
Smile at me, so that –
I can smile at you too.

Even as I write this,
I cherish that golden glow,
In your hazel eyes.

And I wish – my eyes,
Could tell your eyes,
What my heart wants.

This my dear is – For your eyes only!


Karen Xavier said...

Aww... this is the kind of poem I really like! Well written, lucky girl I must say...

mahesh said...

Thanks Kavitha :)

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