Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two movies

7am arivu - First 15 minutes is all that's worth watching. Look forward to a proper movie describing Bodhidharman's adventures on his travels from Kanchipuram to China.

Shruti Hassan cannot act. Her Tamil is heavily accented and sounds like Sowcarpet-Tamil spoken by the lovely ladies studying at M.O.P. Vaishnav :)

Hypnotising people instantly and teaching them Kung fu in an instant too much of nonsense.

DNA splicing and reintroducing all the strengths into the circus-artiste Suriya putting him in a huge glass jar a-la The Matrix. Well... don't know. Great potential of a story idea that got wasted. None of the songs linger in the mind as well.

The one part that Shruti showed traces of her paternal genes was when her friend Imran is killed by Dong Lee's hypnosis and Shruti starts howling uncontrollably :)

The fight in the climax does not befit all the build-up that went into it.

A movie which I had hoped would be awesome turns out boresome!

As said earlier a saga of Bodhidharman's adventures would be great!

Murugadoss ji Salman is not going to act if you try remaking this movie in Hindi. Please choose a realistic sensible script for your next attempt. Really liked 'Ramanna'.

Rockstar - Ranbir Kapoor is slowly proving his mettle. The saga of a wannabe singer/guitarist who becomes a world-famous 'rockstar' has its share of flaws. But the movie is worth watching on the big screen for the mind-blowing soundtrack by A.R. Rahman and amazing vocals by Mohit Chauhan. Faya Kun and Sada Haq in-line for best songs of the year.

Narghis Fakhri looks curiously like Linda Arsenio who acted in a few Tamil and Hindi movies. The movie is let down by the ending!

Kumud Mishra and Piyush Mishra are awesome as well in the supporting cast.

On movie-watching in theatres

A chap behind me was going on translating the Hindi dialogues in Tamil to his girl-friend. Another row - a group of four were going on passing comments on Nargi's Fakhri's vital stats. The movie has its fair share of lip-locks and each time the lead pair came on screen there would be hoots.

Some families had brought in three-year and four year old kids. The kids were happily singing nursery rhymes :)

Total collapse :)

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Karen Xavier said...

Yeah, the part bout BodhiDharma was really intriguing... it was nice knowing someone like him existed. The rest was too much, he could have just made a documentary bout Bodhidharma, that would have been more entertaining. Haven't seen Rockstar, but I heard ranbir has done good.

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