Friday, December 30, 2011

Team India Collapse

The year has not ended on a positive note for Team India. After having Oz on the mat for 4 down for less than 30 runs allowing the remaining players to set a 290 runs-target shows the lack of killer instinct and immature captaincy. The bowlers bowled their hearts out and it was the batsmen who let us down.

Time for some serious introspection. Dhoni cannot perform outside the sub-continent and he is a liability to the team in a test match. Let Dhoni just focus on the shorter format of the game where his sledge-hammer style batting can win games. Test-matches are a test of character and skill as well, Dhoni is all heart and his records outside the sub-continent in the longest format of the game speak volumes about his ability.

Let Dinesh Karthik be flown in he is a better keeper and is solid in technique. The two tests that took place this boxing-day share a weird connection - guess - Both Kallis and Laxman had a rarest of rare test when they failed in both innings and eventually their respective teams lost the match.

Sri Lanka have finally won a test in South Africa - and Herath had a whale of a time baffling the Proteas.

The KFC Big Bash is on in full-swing and it pains to see the likes of Chris Gayle reduced to a mercenary playing in such leagues when he should be leading West Indies - a sad state of affairs.

Hope that in 2012 better sense prevails as we see him back in the international arena!

Team India come on!!!!

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