Monday, February 06, 2012


We keep trumpeting our own talents but we never realize that there are equally if not more talented persons who are too shy to display their hidden talents to others. This is a special poem by a special friend and a great human being! Keep writing Little :)

People say i have grown up!
But no - I say I have not grown up!
I still hold my Dad's hand, while crossing the road,
Because it gives me a sense of security.

I still like to put my head on my mother's lap,
And listen to her lilting lullaby,
That puts me to sleep.
For me that's the world's best bed and music ever.

I still like to argue with my sister,
Over the choice of my clothing accessories.
It's gentle sisterly bickering, and that's how-
We care and love each other.

I still cry after fighting with my brother!
And then wait for him to come and comfort me.
Because I know in spite of all our differences,
He is the world's best brother!

I still chase butterflies in the garden,
And am scared of cockroaches and creepy lizards.
I love dressing up my Barbie dolls,
And playing with my cookery=set toys.

I love getting drenched in the rain,
And eating lollipops and ice-creams and blowing up flavoured bubblegum.
I love sketch-pens and colouring books!

I love playing with my doggie Miku-
And hug her when I feel lonely and sad!
I still judge people on the basis of the birthday gifts that they give me!
I crave for the same dress and hair-pin that my friend has!

I still like to do all these things,
That I did when I was a kid.
So I conclude - that although others may call me a grown-up -
I want to remain fourteen - FOREVER!


Karen Xavier said...

wow, this is really nice... loved the line 'I still judge people on the birthday gifts they give me' so true!!! Well written, truly gifted person.

mahesh said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your comment Karen will pass it on to Little :) a truly special friend :)

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