Monday, July 16, 2012

I want to Fly

Part of a fun-competition organised by the Chennai Bloggers Club about flying and the first flight! I chose to write a poem :)

As a child:

I would look up at the sky,
And smile in wonder,
At those magnificent machines,
That flew through the clouds,
With such power and grace!

It was a real joy,
To say 'tata'and wave my hands,
At the aeroplanes that flew,
Carrying unknown people,
To destinations that I might never visit.

As a teen:

Watching Top Gun and Broken Arrow!
There was a passion,
For flying machines and Aviator glasses.
A craze for posters and magnetic aeroplane stickers.

Now I am a man - or am I still a child :) -

It's all about revenues,
Value-distance and cost-per-clicks,
Tracking advertising revenue and monitoring clients.
Life goes on and I am still stuck
In a city that binds me!

The rare vacation that makes me travel!
Is still by Indian Railways!
Air-travel is still something of a dream!
Funny isn't it - in a world of low-cost airlines :)

If an air-trip materialises:

It should be to a city,
That I never visited before,
A trip without hassles,
Possibly on time departure and arrival :)
And perhaps someone interesting on the seat next to me :)

Life goes this dream too remains unfulfilled like so many others!


Ashwini C N said...

Wishing that your dream tip materializes soon :-). Very well written.

mahesh said...

Thanks Ashwini :)

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