Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's train accident!!!!

Early this morning close to about 4:30 AM The Tamil Nadu Express heading to Chennai from New Delhi caught fire near Nellore. Coach S-11 and at last count 42 people have been charred to death.

Some questions to the great system that governs this country:

Millions on sporting extravaganzas like the Commonwealth games or the running joke that is the IPL.

Scam after scam by politicains from all major parties.

This development, that development - sending a man to land on the moon.

Space exploration, defence program, nuclear energy and all such things for the so-called progress of the nation!

How much does it cost to install a smoke-alarm / fire-alarm in every coach of the train?

Fire extinguishers in every coach?

There is no value for a human life in this country!

This is the state-of-life in my nation, I am proud to be an Indian :( - The media will go mad - Arnab Goswami willhold a discussion at 9. Half-a-penny celebrities will speak, mud-slinging by former railway men and women will happen and the whole damn system reeking of human and animal refuse will continue to run as if nothing happened!

I spend 4 hours on the local train every day - I know first-hand how pathetic the system is!

Forget Metro-rail, forget monorail - this land will never ever move from the status of developing to developed!

Even when I reach the ripe old age of eighty India will still be developing and some statesman would have coined a new term India 2100 to aim complete growth!

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Karen Xavier said...

Same here Mahesh, even I felt we (as a country) are never gonna improve... how can we improve if we do not value human life. It's all so sickening, there's this apathy that permeates everything we do...

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