Monday, August 27, 2012

Journeys Never End - A Love Story - The Story Idea

The week leading up to August 15 was exciting because Indiblogger and Harper Collins had promised to provide a platform to bloggers to get published.

Please visit - and participate!

My effort to 'get published' - my story idea presented below:

It was 9:35 PM and my train to Rameshwaram was scheduled to leave Egmore station at 9:40 PM. The Tambaram-Chennai Beach local train reached Egmore just in time for me to run like Usain Bolt and get into the Rameshwaram Express.

I tried to catch my breath as I settled into my seat L-21. I looked at my fellow-passengers; a middle-aged couple eating their dinner, two nuns praying and a man in his thirties; with a copper urn in his hands.

Train to Rameshwaram and a copper urn - probably his parents' ashes I surmised. How wrong I was? I would learn what true love meant in the next fourteen hours of my journey to Rameshwaram - a story of love that overcame all odds!


Karen Xavier said...

Sounds like a really interesting premise... did you just make this up, or is it a real story?

mahesh said...

Real :) wait for the full story :) it will tug your heart for sure :)!

Ashwini C N said...

wonderful start. Waiting for the rest :-)

mahesh said...

Thanks Ashwini - yet to get a note of approval from Harper Collins before I publish the full tale!

the little princess said...

thats a great start!! look forward to reading the full account..and just voted for ur vote for me too if u like mine..

Yashodhara said...

Please read updated contest rules for your entry to be valid.

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