Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lines for You - Will You Give me a Chance?

The shortest of SMSes from you,
Makes me smile;
Even if it's just a simple -'Yup',
Or a single smiley that you,
Send in reply;
It still makes my heart fill up with joy!

It's well more than a month,
Since I saw you last;
When do I meet you again?
I never know.
Will you ever-ever understand;
That you are someone special for me.

If I lack something,
Let me know,
I will refine myself to suit your tastes.
Once earlier when I spoke to you about this;
You just moved away from me.
Those few days I kept kicking myself;
You never will know how much pain I went through!

The joy that I got,
When I got you to smile again;
Well it is unexplainable.
I write pages and pages of poems,
All dedicated to you.
Not a single moment passes by,
Without me thinking of you.

Will you my dearest,
Say 'Yes' when I ask you the 'question'?
Or will you just smile cryptically,
Get up, walk away and make me cry again!
I know it will be a tough decision,
For you to go against the wishes of your loved ones.

But give me a chance, that's all I ask of you!
A chance to prove that I can indeed be the man for you!
Will you give me the chance?
If only I could fly?
I would spread my wings and fly up to you,
And caress you with my wings and stand by you!

If only my dearest, you would give me a chance?
Is it too much to ask?


Karen Xavier said...

Rooting for you buddy... the poem is really nice.

mahesh said...

Thanks Karen - need every bit of help
and every blessing :)

Susan Deborah said...

Awww . . . the poem depicts the feelings so well.

Joy always,

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