Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayers for You

When I saw you,
Frail and tired,
On the hospital bed.
With tubes and needles,
Stuck into your veins.

The pain that was evident,
On your tired face.
Your mom in tears.
And you looking dazed!
I was crying within.

But I stood calm,
Comforted your mom,
Sat next to you,
And held your palms in my hand.
They had gone stone-cold.
And your angelic smile was nowhere to be seen!

As I spoke to the doctor,
And then to your mom,
Patiently trying to explain,
That you will get well soon,
And she should stop crying.
She finally calmed down a bit.

As we coaxed you to eat,
So that you would regain your strength,
I knew you were in extreme pain!
And I felt your pain too.

The four spoons of porridge,
That I managed to make you eat.
As mom looked at you and then me -
In amazement - I just prayed that you would heal soon!
And your angelic smile would come back!

Meeting your family,
And seeing the love and affection,
That they shower upon you;
You don't know how lucky you are -
To have such loving parents and caring siblings;
All of whom want you to get well soon.

Get well soon.
May your angelic smile,
The twinkle in your eyes,
The sweet little,
Sing-song voice,
All come back to you,
With twice the strength, sweetness and beauty.

These are my prayers for you!


Karen Xavier said...

Hoping she gets well soon... and eats healthy. You have a gift for story telling in a poetry... very impressive.

mahesh said...

Thanks Karen :)

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