Friday, September 28, 2012

The Sensei and his Disciples

A Zen tale that I think is worth reading and meditating upon :)

Sensei and the monks had gone for an early morning walk, along the ridge of the valley, located behind the Monastery.

As they were walking, they came across a charred, burnt house.

Sensei stopped the monks and asked, "Does anyone know how the house got burnt?"

Knowledge Monk said, "It was a short circuit."

Wisdom Monk said, "I believe it was a forest fire that burnt the house."

Sensei nodded and said, "When will the house get rebuilt?"

Inquisitive Monk said, "The owner will start construction later this year."

Sensei nodded again and said, "Is there anything the owner can do to guarantee that the house will not burn down again?"

The monks concentrated hard on the question but could not think of a correct answer.

Sensei looked towards Head Monk for his reply.

Head Monk bowed to Sensei and softly said, "The only way the owner can ensure that the house does not get burnt again is by not building the house...."

Sensei clapped thrice and said, "Life and its rebirths are like these house fires. They keep happening and the reasons remain mysterious. The only way to break the cycle is make sure that you are not reborn...."

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