Monday, April 24, 2006

Cinema, You and I
Pachakuthira-Movie Review
Much was expected from Dileep after the stupendous success of Chanthupottu. Lion was a commercil pot-boiler, so I am not taking it into consideration. Kamal is a great director, but this movie lacks a proper plot and storyline. A horde of comedians form the supporting cast and do the usual comic antics which are supposed to make you laugh. Dileep is trying what Kamalahasan used to do, come in different get-ups in each movie. The movie is touted to be a complete family entertainer. The first half drags but the second half of the movie saves it from falling flat on its face. Sentiments and comedy alone cannot guarantee success for a movie. Ilayaraja's music is a big letdown. The basic plot of the film is lifted from Dustin Hoffman-Tom Cruise 1988 Oscar winning Rain Man which has been Indianised to suit Dileep’s comedy image but every scene from the beginning to end is predictable and clich├ęd. Anandakuttan (Dileep), a happy-go-lucky guy is a supplier of extras in films and he has a group of artists (Salim Kumar, Gopika and others) with him. One day a travel agent tells him that he has a brother Akash Menon (Dileep) in Germany who is coming down to stay with him after his mother passed away there!!Akash Menon is an autistic who has a mental growth of a 5-year-old who makes life miserable for Anandakuttan till he finally decides to give him away for adoption to a rich family in Germany! But how Anadakuttan develops love and sympathy towards his brother and prevents the adoption forms the rest of the sentimental second half. In the Vishu-collection race this "green horse", will lose the race to Thuruppu Gulan and Rasatanthiram.

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