Monday, April 03, 2006

The Murder-case of Chintamani
The movie is touted as a legal thriller, it stars Suresh Gopi, Bhavana and Thilakan in important roles.Suresh Gopi plays the role of Lal Krishna Viradiyar a lawyer who saves criminals in the court and kills them personally later.(L.K. alias Licence to Kill). He gets the case of Chintamani's murder, who is killed by 9 NRI students, who call themselves Mirchi girls (all of them look horrible and gaudily dressed).
What is the mystery behind the murder? Why was Chintamani killed? Watch the movie to know the answers, I am not revealing the answers. It is moulded in the CBI series and Shaji Kailash has done a decent directorial job. Some violent rape-scenes could be trimmed and the back-ground music leaves a lot to be desired. The climax is sure to leave you stunned. Kalabhavan Mani does a spoof on Mamooty's Sethurama Iyer. Thilakan has given a good performance as Bhavana's father.
Go watch the movie.
Mahesh's Rate-o-Meter-3.5 out of 5.

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