Monday, April 17, 2006

M.V. Doulos-The Floating Book-Fair
The world's oldest sailing ship, the M.V.Doulos is in town. It is docked at the Chennai harbour. The ship has an impressive collection of about 6000 different books and a number of music cassettes and CDs. Entry is free for people below the age of 16, but they must be accompanied by an adult. An adult-ticket costs Rs.50. All things are priced in Doulos units. 100 units equals 80 rupees. I hate to say this but the book fair is more of a Christian book-fair and almost 80% of the books are related to Christianity and a couple of free books on Christianity are distributed free to all visitors. Even then it is worth a trip and being onboard a real ship is a whole new experience and the children will love it. It is advisable to go to the ticket counter near the Secretariat as early as possible to avoid waiting in a queue in the hot sun. A bus takes the visitors from the ticket counter to the ship in the harbour.

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